Professional Development

I specialize in developing higher education Faculty and Staff in their ability to implement Universal Design for Learning. Whether you or your school are just getting started or ready to take your UDL implementation to the next level, I can create custom development opportunities.

Program Evaluation

Unsure where your strengths and areas for growth are? I am a credentialed professional evaluator and am skilled in evaluations, specializing on formative and process evaluations in higher education.

Product Creation

Whether you're creating educational software or websites or preparing materials for an important lesson or professional presentation, I can help you develop effective materials that will reach variable learners.

Retain. Engage. Learn.

Institutions of higher education across the globe face a common challenge in retaining students, keeping them engaged in their studies and courses, and achieving student satisfaction in their learning.

As our campuses and classrooms become increasingly diverse, reactive approaches to try to address student needs are no longer viable. Because retention, engagement, and satisfaction among students are so intrinsically connected to academic quality, being proactive in our approach to improving the educative experience of our students is an investment of great worth.

I believe in embracing the variability of all students, recognizing this not as a barrier, but as an opportunity. The challenges don't exist because of our students, but because of inflexible learning environments that haven't evolved to meet the diverse needs of student bodies today. The good news is, change is not only possible, but realistic through iterative, intentional interventions.

I know this not only from my work in consulting, but from my own experience in the classroom as a professional educator in highly diverse high school and higher education settings for over a decade. Together, we can make changes that benefit students, faculty, and schools simultaneously.

I look forward to working with you!


Eric J. Moore, PhD


Next Steps...

Reach out to introduce yourself, chat about what your needs and growth opportunities may be, and dialogue about how I may be able to offer resources and support.