Eric Moore, a 30-something man with light beard looks 3/4 toward the camera, sitting on bench in wooded area.

Dr. Eric J. Moore

Speaker, Consultant,
Content Creator 

30-something man looks kindly at the camera in a blazer and blue shirt

Ruben Watson

Director of Marketing & Communications 

Innospire Mission

We believe that the time has come to support culture change in higher education. We believe that a culture of inclusion can and should be developed to support the diversity of learners of today. We believe that inclusion doesn't need to mean lowering expectations, but rather that good design can improve the quality of outcomes for everyone.

We believe in using research-based and evidence-based practices to transform learning from design through development and delivery.

We believe that this kind of culture change is human-centric and community-centric, with significant benefit from administrative buy-in and student involvement. We recognize that the process of changing culture is gradual and iterative, and we seek to support individuals, groups, and institutions at all stages of this journey.