My name is Dr. Eric J. Moore. I am an experienced educator with over a decade of teaching experience from middle school to college (teacher preparation) both in the U.S. and abroad.

My formal education includes a B.S. in English Education from Taylor University, a M.Ed in Inclusive Education from Grand Valley State University, and a PhD in Inclusive Education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I also have earned certificates in Evaluation, Statistics and Measurement as well as Instructional Design.

I am a well known member for the UDL "field," an active member of the UDL-IRN research committee, a contracted collaborator with CAST, and co-leader of a UDL in Higher Education Special Interest Group (SIG). I am also a registered service provider through the UDL Nexus.

I specialize in inclusive education in higher ed through applying the framework of Universal Design for Learning. Much more has been written, said, and done in implementing UDL in K-12 education; I am among those who believes that the concepts we've learned for implementing in K-12 do not immediately transfer to higher education, where there are different barriers to surmount compared to K-12.

For more information about my scholarship, work, and education, please feel free to view my CV.


Innospire Story

Since I began as a teacher's aide at a local school for student with significant support needs during high school, my professional teaching journey has taken me from Michigan to Indiana to Indonesia to South Korea and now to my home in Tennessee. I have taught thousands of students from dozens of nationalities  across more than a dozen grade levels (including college) in multiple subjects.

This breadth of experience has underscored the variability of humanity as relates to learning. Not only differences across grades and subject areas, but difference among students within each class, and even differences within a student in different settings or conditions.

Such variance is often, implicitly, seen as a challenge to overcome rather than an opportunity to embrace.  I founded Innospire as a way to help bring what I have learned as an educator and scholar to bear in supporting others who wish to better include their diverse learners and maximize the quality of teaching and learning in higher education, particularly.

I believe that barriers to learning rarely exist within an individual, but frequently in the environment; that systemic changes that provide flexibility in respect to student variance can efficiently and effectively maximize student learning and satisfaction while simultaneously reducing time burden on faculty.